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Hi bonnie, i am a 41yr old man just starting out training i weight 80kg and height of 5ft 10....ive a slight beer belly and i am a complete novice to training or dietary requirements, I hear all different advice from lads in gym all confusing, I just nod as if I know what there on about and I dont sorry ....for me I am wanting to trim down and completely tone up and become ripped even at my age. I know its alot of hard work and I am a dedicated individual and I know Ill do this with the right guidance, but with regards to what foods I should be eating plus at what times i am totaly oblivious to the answers and this is part I need help with..Ive got a training program ready including cardio and i'm into day two but please can you help by suggesting or emailing me a list of foods to eat and ones to stay away from plus times I should be eating them, I am in the gym 5 times aweek thats the plan with two days rest I go for 2hours eachday but its the dietary requirements of becoming ripped I need, I want the lean muscle we all hear about plus can you suggest if and what supplements I should take ,kind regards

Hi Robbo,
Thank you for your question.
You should be eating more protein and carbohydrates.
Eat less food containing sodium and fat.
Protein should be mainly consumed after working out,
it helps to rebuild muscle.
some of the best hi protein foods includes;
lean turkey,
Carbohydrates help to fuel the muscles and give
you energy,some good choices include:
The best supplement is whey protein.
Water,tea and green tea are some of the
Best beverages to drink.
Thank you,
good luck,

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