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ok, my question is simple but not sure u will answer, im 50yo male and is working out to get some muscle on my bod though i dont want to be bodybuilder type. any suggestions on supplements to help that work? boosters, prohormone stuff, creatine,etc? thanks


Hey Sam,

Thank you for your question and I am definitely answering so no worries here!

Ok if your looking to build muscle don't worry about being the bodybuilder type. Bodybuilders spent a lot of time in the gym and eat a lot to get the big frame. It takes time to build muscle so it took years for them to build the type of physique they want. In general you want to eat clean, it takes  about 2,500 calories to gain about 1 lb of muscle

I would not recommend any prohormones or boosters. Prohormones are similar to steroids but only carry the negative effects. Many studies have shown that they do not benefit. I also would recommend staying away from steroids because of the numerous effects it carries. It increases the risk of a Cardiovascular event

Studies have shown that creatine will increase muscle size, strength and endurance. This is partly because that it increases water in the muscle. Whey protein has also showed to be a benefit to increasing muscular gains. However chicken,tuna, beef can be used in a pre meal (about 2 hours before) and can have the same benefit.

Just remember Sam before taking supplements make sure your nutrition habits are healthy, your exercising properly (the right weight,volume,rest) and supplements come in later. On the list of importance nutrition,exercise and sleeping habits are 1-2-3, supplements are 10th on the list.

Thanks for your question


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