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I have been going to a gym for 1 month.
I went once a week for the first two weeks, then I went twice a week for the 2nd two weeks. 1 hour each time. Light weights. Lightest weights possible, gradually increasing the weight. I am now at 40 lbs. Including aerobics.

I am thinking of going Monday-Wednesday-Friday. Do you think this OK? Or too much? Thanks.

Hey David

I think it depends on what activity your doing. You mention 40lbs, but i apologize but am a bit confused, 40lbs of doing what type of exercise?

If you are going several times a week to the gym (which is ok) you should exercise between 30-60 minutes. A good place to start is to do about 8-10 exercises involving large muscle groups (the back,chest,legs,arms,shoulders) with 2-4 sets per muscle group. If you are aiming for strength gains aim for 4-6 repetitions, if for muscle endurance 12-20 is best and for muscle growth aim for 8-11 repetitions. Remember that during the exercise your muscle should be fatigued by the end of each of the rep range to have the intended effect that you can't do anymore with proper form.

If u'd like to progress from there, increase the weight maximum by 10% per week. Another way to progress also is to increase another set or to increase the weight so you are still doing the same rep range. So lets say i was able to bicep curl 35lbs 10 times in my first week for several sets and the next week i was able to complete it 12 times, I would then increase the weight so I would still be able to do 10 reps. That is another way of progressing.

So yes go for Monday Wednesday and Friday. Listen to your body, if you feel your getting tired and sore perhaps decrease the amount of volume of exercises you are doing (by the number of sets) but I would encourage a 3 day routine if you have the time for it.

I hope this helps  

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