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hii sir,
am 21yr old guy ... am fond of martials arts and fitness training..
i want to ask you what is differnce between whey,caesin and soy protein?? which one is used at what time of day or workout??
and i have heard use of creatin increases short stretched muscles in body.. that can be a boon for martial artist.. is it true sir??

Whey and casein are both derived from milk. Soy of course is from soy beans. Whey has pretty much become the standard for health professionals. There are multiple variations on the timing of use for various supplements. You can research this yourself to see what works best for your conditioning protocol. The research on creatine is mixed but seems to indicate that it helps with recovery during certain types of workouts. I use protein and creatine an hour before my workouts and protein and carbs immediately after my workout.

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