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Good day. My husband and I retired. Joined a gym in January. We go twice a week. 1 hour each time in the gym. 1/2 hour for lifting on the sit-down machines, and 1/2 hour on the stationary bikes.

Have you ever read or heard about the AVERAGE time it takes for someone starting-at-zero (our first exercise day; we never exercised all the years beforehand. Both desk-jockey's' at our jobs and careers beforehand). Figure about 45 years of employment, ... - to achieving realistic physical strength goals?

I have read that it takes about 2 years. Not body building or power lifting achievements. Just all-over-body achievements. Would love to hear what you think. We go Monday day, then again Thursday day. Read that resting afterwards was most important.

Thank you for your time and volunteering on AllExperts.

Hey Nichole, there is no average time. It depends on a lot of factors but most importantly is the amount of time and effort you put into it like anything else. Two days a week will take a lot longer than 4 days a week. In addition diet plays a very important role. I like your routine of a half hour of strength training and a half hour aerobic work. My clients generally work 4-6 days a week with about 45 mins of strength training and 45 mins of aerobic work. I can generally get someone in good condition in 3-4 months provided they pay close attention to their nutrition. I recommend you consult with a personal trainer and go to at least 4 days a week....good luck

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