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Dear Daniel

I have reason to believe that im on the right adres to ask my questions about workout. I have read several articles that with my body posture it is best suited to workout 2 times a week and have a 2 day break interval. I have now googled around and tried to find 2 day full body workout exercises and found some good articles on it.

My main issue is that I do not have all the equipments neccecary for those workouts on those pages(barbell)

here is the link I use ""

Is there a possibility to exchange certain workouts and focus solely on using (body strength) Push ups, Pull ups and dumbbells?

I would really appreciate a good workout routine with good effect that only takes 2 days of my week( I use 1-2 days for jogging)

Thank you for your effort,

Regards Dion van der Loon

Hey Dion Van Der Loon

Yes it is possible to exchange certain workouts. Usually I recommend depending on your physical state that a base training phase with higher repetitions of 12-20 reps be used instead of the 6-10 reps because 6-10 is more geared for strength. If you haven't built a stable base your muscles might not be able to handle the stress of a prolonged strength phase of training. 12-20 reps will ensure you have proper posture and that you are training your system to adapt accordingly. A good thing to try is to have different phases (4-6 weeks endurance/stability phase and then 4 weeks strength phase. The important thing to remember is to progress gradually, not rapidly with your training sessions and have a long term plan.

Now for the 2 times per week strength and 2 day break interval. It depends how you feel, if you feel that 2 days isn't enough, either increase the weight or the amount of exercises or include a 3rd time a week. You can't be doing the same structure every week if you are improving you should increase by a little. So 2 times a week may be good but if after 2-3 weeks your feeling great then include another session and see how that feels. So Monday-Wednesday weights progress to Monday-Wednesday-Friday weights and Tuesday/Thursday cardio/jogging sessions.

You can use push ups,pull ups and dumbbells for your workouts, it is fine. Just listen to your body if your too tired then try to decrease the intensity. I always tell my clients you should be feeling great,thats the point of training, if you don't feel good then try to take a day off, or decrease the intensity and get the big picture of progressing.

I hope this helps and if you have other questions let me know.

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