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Hey Daniel, thank you for taking the time to answer my question

The other week I went to my local GNC for some creatine. The associate tried to sell me creatine pills to which I was weary of instead he suggested I buy this product called Havok. It is pre-workout supplement that contains 2000mg of creatine (equal to 2g of creatine) and a ton of caffeine and other things. It works great as a pre-workout stimulant but my question is, does Havok contain enough creatine to reap the benefits of using it. Ive read that creatine needs to be loaded at first in order to see results, between 7g-12g in the first couple of weeks and then maintained with a lower dosage. Should I continue to take Havok only on my training days or can I take it everyday as if I was loading on it or could I stack a plain creatine supplement with my Havok. Thanks I hope this wasnt to confusing

Hi Michael

Its good that you felt weary, your using your head! You need to realize that when you go to supplement stores, some of the salesman working will sell you a more expensive product because they are making a commission from that product. That being said, all creatine in my opinion is equal. Your body digests it from meat such as beef,fish,chicken. So it doesn't matter the source.

Now I can't really recommend a supplement since I am not a dietician or a nutritionist. But it is in my personal opinion all creatine is the same. Your body can ingest no more then 5 grams of creatine per serving, and in the first week you should be loading between 20-25 grams. The issue here is that it might upset your stomach because 5 grams of powder in your stomach won't feel that great, so you can load creatine instead at 3 grams for a longer period (27-31 days) is you prefer. Personally I load 5 grams for the 5-7 days and drink a lot of water and eat properly to compensate this. After loading you need about only 5 grams per day

As for your question, creatine can be taken everyday after loading. But remember your body can only ingest a certain amount at a time. After the loading period just take it once per day at 5 grams.

Hope this helps!


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