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Hey I play basketball and I want to dunk easily. What exercises increase the fast twitch muscle fibers in your legs the quickest

The fast twitch muscle fibers are components of higher threshold motor units which require a large stimulus in terms of speed and force to become activated. A very effective method to increase recruitment of these fibers is the complex or contrast method. A complex combines two similar movements such as, squats and jump squats. This is done by completing a heavy set of 3 reps or so of squats followed immediately by jump squats with a light barbell on your back. This will have what's known as a neuromuscular potentiation effect on the high threshold motor units. Heavy trap bar deadlifts followed by trap bar jumps with a light weight is another effective combination.
It's very important to note that rest between sets should be long (i.e. 3-5 minutes) to allow for optimal performance of each set and rep. You'll get great results just by doing complexes 1-2 times per week.  

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