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Hello Mr.Aldan.

How are you doing ? My name is Chris, I have a few question to ask, my first question is, my main goal is to lose weight and tone up. So I was wondering should I do lower weights higher reps ? Since I don't want to bulk up. My second question is, well my muscle grow quicker by using free weights instead of the machines ? Or is there really any big difference. My last question is, how Long should a workout sessions be for ? Since I want to lose weight I know I have to do cardio, but should I do more cardio then strength training ? Should I have just a strength training only day ???
Thank you so much, have a nice day.

Hi Chris,

Typically, a rep range of 8-12 reps per set can be a very effective complement to high intensity interval training for losing body fat. This rep range will elicit some muscle gain which increases overall metabolism. Gaining muscle is a difficult process and bulking up too much is usually not a problem for most people on a well-rounded plan using both strength training and high intensity interval training.

Most muscle groups won't grow quicker with free weights as opposed to machines but, the smaller stabilizer muscles will develop more strength and possibly gain some extra hypertrophy (increase in muscle mass).

Also, training with free weights can have a greater carryover to other activities of daily living particularly, recreational sports.

Workouts don't need to be overly long i.e. 2 hours or more. In fact, you may get a better effect from keeping workouts short and intense like under an hour.

I like to combine strength training and high intensity interval training for myself and my clients. Typically, I prefer to do strength training first since these exercises may require more skill so form may suffer with excessive fatigue whereas, most activities chosen for high intensity interval training are less skilled movements and can be performed correctly with a high degree of fatigue.

Good luck with your workouts Chris!  

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