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i am trying these prison workout excercises.if your having trouble with reps is it okay to take a break in between reps to build up to something?also any tips on being more effective i just wanna be in shape and trim down a bit.Whats your theory on what priosners do behind bars?What would be more effective?

Hi Blaze,
Thank you for your question.
It is fine to take a short break between reps.
I know that prisoners use a lot of bodyweight exercises:
squats--lunges--torso twists--crunches-pull ups--push ups,etc.
Do as many reps as you can without stopping with correct form--keep track of how many reps you do and try to do more each time before stopping.
Make sure that your nutrition is on point:
more carbs and protein--less fat and sodium--drink plenty of water daily.
Good Luck,

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