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Strength Training/what is the name of this machine


jennyb wrote at 2014-02-24 12:45:53
The name of the machine was "Versa-Climber" They are quite expensive but seem much worth the money for a total body training system that will tone so many muscles and give you great cardio at the same time.

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David Dickeson


I can answer questions about strength training, what it is, and more important, what it is not! Strength training is exercising involving weightlifting for physical strength, aerobics, diet/nutrition, and stretching; specifically for the goal of making your body healthy and strong to live your daily life, and more important; to make your body adaptable to handle situations that require higher-than-normal physical strength, stamina, and flexibility, such as; lifting and carrying a heavy load, changing a tire on your car, even defending yourself against danger! Strength training is not bodybuilding, powerlifting, or olympic lifting. The goals of these three exercises is different from strength training. I cannot answer questions about these three areas of weightlifting.


I am a 54-year-old man who has been doing strength training exercises for 19 years. My exercises are simple to do, require little of your time, can be done with limited equipment, can be done by both adults and children (my son has been strength training since age 7, he is now age 14), and my exercises definitely work!! With time and patience, you will become a stronger, different person than you were before. I am living proof of the advantages of strength training. This is an exercise you have to do, not want to do.

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