How to Strengthen Your Relationship/what am i doing wrong ?


JF wrote at 2012-12-14 14:07:17
This may sound funny but honestly I can't tell you if it's you or her. I'm not going to bad mouth her and make judgements on her and the same with you.  The reason why is because you are both unique and I haven't been there to see both sides.

I've realized that when I come here I looking for advice, they don't really sit in my heart.  The only way is to truly look within yourself and ask yourself questions like how did I get to this point, why am I not feeling unhappy, and why is my significant other not happy. Then you can go deeper with more questions analyze them and then communicate them with your spouse.  Also, there is always a reaction to an action so if you don't like her reaction, communicate with her and come to a sincere conclusion to come accommodate one another.

It takes two to make or break a relationship so see what you think you may have done work on improving yourself and she will see that. If she doesn't find ways to tell her kindly and sincerely so that she is aware that you are working on yourself and that should initiate her to do so also.

I wish you both the best and hope this advice helped. We are all in need of advice but it truly does come from delving inside.

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