How to Strengthen Your Relationship/boyfriend won't give me a key..


alias wrote at 2016-07-19 23:16:54
I was in the same situation and was wondering why he did not offer the key. I was upset and told him about and he said in an argry way is that what you want the key. And I said not like that. I want it come from your heart. But I guess he just doesnt love me enough to let me in to his world. Its cool. I have my own place and I gave him my key when he came to visit me. Maybe he doesnt trust me. Gosh. If thats the case I might as well find someone who does. Trust is key element in the growth of a relationship. I hate break ups so I let him know that I am demoting him to "Dating Stage" - its more fun especially when I go out and guys want to buy drinks and even pay to go on dates with me. I know its weird I turned them down because I really thought I loved this guy. But I guess I was wrong. Every Action deserves a reaction, on the right time. I mean I plan to move in about year and he doesnt plan to move with me so literally stating that he only thinks about himself right now. Which is cool for him, I am actually okay with it, I feel every one deserves to take care of oneself and then others. So I will focus on myself and not feel tied down as I did before. I'm Single, Young and Free - and I love it.  

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