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How to Strengthen Your Relationship/Husband ejaculted over & over so much semen!


Hello.. While giving my husband a blowjob tonight
He ejaculated over and over ; on my face. Why did he
have so much semen? This has only happened
One other time... I asked him why he thought he
Came & came... his answer is
Always , "I don't know". Sooo frustrating! Please explain
This to me.
" Thank you,
" One curious gal ".... 👩

Hello Curious,

I wish I could be more help to you. Not being a sexpert, I could only speculate why he might have so much ejaculate. What I would do, though, is to Google your topic or your question and do a little research as to what might have caused it. There are others who have asked the same question. You may even be able to find someone online who specializes in topics like this. Have you looked throughout AllExperts? Are you worried about him or just curious? Good luck.

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