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I have been talking to my mate for four months now and at first it was all good. Recently we agreed that a relationship is in our future but now we argue about every little thing. Sensitivity, jealously and past ex's seem to be the root of all our problems. I'm not sure how to fix it. Does this mean we aren't right for eachother or do we just need to sit down and find a solution?

Hi Natacha!

Good for you in trying to figure this all out.  To me, it says there are some unresolved issues within each of your pasts that are coming up now.  Perhaps it revolves around communication and trust issues that one or both of you experienced either in a past relationship(s) or within your own family of origin (what you may have seen and experienced from your own parent's relationship).  Clearly, these things are important to talk about and address.  Can this happen?  Stuart

How to Strengthen Your Relationship

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