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"i m in relationship with a girl name ekta since 1.5 years. we were living happily and she was coming to my home whole family knows about our relationship.she also was ready to marry me.she is kansara by caste and me from brahmin caste.she told me that we will run away nd we wil marry trust me because she told that my family will not allow me to marry u.we often used to go out for a movie ,shoping,eating,bike ride and all.she promised me that i will never leave you.i also trust her and time pases.
on 17/11/2012 i gone out of city and we fought because i came late,so in anger i also told that i dont want to keep relation and told that you like other boy. but i just told in anger. another day i called her 10 times but she hadnot receive my call and she switched off her cell. then i called her friend and told that tell ekta to call me.she told me that ekta dont want to talk with u then i told i she will not talk with me then i will at ur home,then ekta friend told everything to her mom and problem occurs.her mom beat ekta and now ekta is telling that she dosent want to be in relation and she told her frnd not to me.
we slept with each other for more than 100 times in 1.5 years. we both are in relationship for first time.
ekta is giving reason that i harras her thats why she dosent want to be in relationship. sometimkes only wen we fought i harras her but for sometimes only. i fulfill all his wishes and i was also taking care of her.
i am feeling very alone. now wat to do please help me.
give me tips how i make her understand.she had not talk with me from 23 days. she will forget me???she will forget all the happy moments??
please help me ............(((((((((("

Hello Raj,

I am wondering what the real reason is that she is keeping this distance from you. Because I am unfamiliar with the caste system other than reading about it, as well as arranged marriages, I am not sure how strong the family influence can be. So, my first consideration is that she is fearful of being beaten again, fearful that something can happen to you if she sees you, or that being ousted by her family might be deterring her from seeing you.

If it's not that, then maybe the "harassing" that you do to her when you are angry has gotten to be too much. This one instance is probably not enough for her to cut ties with you entirely, but if you always tell her you want to end it and tell her she's seeing other guys, that can get to be too much and she may be tired of it.

Please advise me of the family situation as well as your harassing her so I can advise.

How to Strengthen Your Relationship

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