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How to Strengthen Your Relationship/I cannot stregthen my relationship with my insecure boyfriend


dr wrote at 2012-12-06 06:12:38
You need to break someone's password because you dont have trust?

 We are here for you!!

You just have to sayand we Will do all the work.

 I am waiting to help you!!

How to Strengthen Your Relationship

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Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisinger


I am able to answer questions regarding dating, courtship, and marriage after divorce. I feel equipped to address questions and comments regarding old baggage and past mistakes. I can also answer questions pertaining to blended families and step-children. I can not answer questions that involve manipulating the partners behavior or outlook.


I am a minister that teaches and counsels G-d's instruction for stable relationships. My husband and I have both been married before. I have worked with battered women and facilitated groups for men with anger issues. As a minister, I have officiated several weddings in the past decade, with only one resulting in divorce.

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