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How to Strengthen Your Relationship/How to end a relationship to an old and married man


Hi I'm Yna 26 years old, I'm having an secret affair with one of Manager to the company I am working he is 57 . I knew he is married  with children but I dont figured out why I let him enter to my life. We start dating a month ago and now I realized I am not enjoying being an old guy little secret. I get so down when I knew he is going to leave to visit his family I felt so empty. I am not asking him anything even  money, all I want is his time, but we also considering the environment where we are.
Please help me enlighten my mind and move on to my life.

Hello Yna,

You know that you are not feeling good inside about what you are doing so it is time to break it off. Break it off and then when you are tempted to see him again think of his wife crying and his children crying if they found out about you.  Think about how old he is and how he is so willing to use you, since you are so young, to feed his ego and make himself feel good. Think about what kind of a guy who would cheat on his wife. Do you really want a cheater? Give your self a lecture every day and be happy about breaking it off. Find someone closer to your own age who is not married.  Being a married man's girlfriend is lonely and heartbreaking. You spend all holidays alone and have to think about how he is probably making love to his wife, in spite of what he might be saying to you.

The whole thing is only inviting heartbreak for all concerned.

You can do better and you know that you deserved better than that,  OK?

So just do it!!


How to Strengthen Your Relationship

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