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I am currently 6 months pregnant by my uh "fiance", we were okay and he was the perfect guy until he took me to his country #central America#. When we came back it was just a mess he was distant and in a way I didn't care. Then he told me he wanted to be single #well to be fair I broke up with him a week before that# and I said fine. Then 2 days later I found out I was pregnant and I cried I was angry then I was happy. He was excited which made me feel a bit of relief and he wanted to get back together and I was like sure. Then next thing you know he's saying he don't know what he wants. So I stopped talking to him for a month.

   Then I called after thanksgiving and we spoke and he told me he misses me and everything so we started going back out and just enjoying peashooter until we got into again. Then I noticed I couldn't depend on him any longer. His words and his actions didn't add up anymore. His family took one step back from me and it hurt. Overtime I try to discuss abortion he got angry and I said I didn't want to be tied to someone who didn't want to be here. He got more disrespectful, and just didn't care anymore. We broke up again and when we got back together he told me he had sex with someone else. Then we worked it out and we were together ever since. Until I had the flu and had to go to the hospital I stayed for 2 days he never seen me once. When I got out I asked him if he could take care of me a little bit he curse me out and said "I act like a baby, he's tired of my shit and once he leaves he's never coming back". I have no idea where this came from. I just sat there in tears, he came over seen I wasn't faking made me some soup and told me "sometimes he regrets me". Ever since then I just haven't called him. I let him call/ text me. I don't feel like chasing anymore. I'm 6 months pregnant and if I had it my way I wouldn't but I tried to accommodate him.

We have been dating for a year and he was wonderful best boyfriend ever, he proposed to me. His family was in love with me and then one day its all gone. I still speak to them but its not the same. Im tired of chasing him im only 23 turning 24 he's turning 27.

Sorry Ashley!

This is so sad....and confusing.  I cannot say what is happening for him and yet it seems to be that something happened during that trip.  Perhaps he received some kind of message that he was not going the right way in life, with his choices, etc.  I wonder if family/friends had expectations of him that he was not meeting?  I am curious what his family thought of you at the time of finding out about the pregnancy?  

Ashley, this is his issue.  If he does not share what is going on, the issue will not be addressed.  What I hear though is a lot of settling on your part.  He has not been meeting your needs, and not been treating you appropriately, and yet you take him back.  It seems to me that he is trying to sabotage the relationship and having sex with another person is an indication of this.  Please get support for yourself.  Taking care of you and the baby is priority number 1.  Good luck!  Stuart

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