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i knew someone in the internet one month ago, and he was nice with me , but he misunderstands things i say, cause he thinks always he's honest with me, sometimes i only want to joke, but he misunderstands, he always tells me sweet words and complements, but if i ask him about if he really loves me or to proove his love, he gets angry, and he thinks that am not trusting him, cause he thinks himself that he's always honest, or if i joke with him for example if he went to chat with other girls , he'll quickly get angry and like " ah you desperated me by these words and you cut me in two pieces ...."

anyways , last time we felt in arguments, just because my sister had heard him telling me that he loves me and she  said that who really loves, never says it, but he prooves it..he got angry , and started his arguments for 2hours abt why i don't trust him and that not all ppl are the same ...

i was calming him all night abt not to worry and stress himself out, and i felt guilty abt what my sister said, and he answered that i am never the one who messes things up , but my sis...and even if we don't continue together, he will always remeber the good side of me..and i was like" why you said we don't continue together, and you 're talking bout separation"....he was like
" as destiny came by ourside, it can separate us"
and i was like "hmm!! it's good that you warned that any time you can leave, so i can make myself ready for that"

he started to make a good issue abt that and he said " i gave all my time my time just for you and i don't even stay alot with my family , just to satay with you"..he hung off on my face and said

good luck

now he comes online without talking to me neither

what can i do?  plz i need help from you expert!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Linda!

Let me see if I understand.  Sometimes when you joke, he misunderstands?  Linda, I think this happens for people every single day.  Sometimes, we think we are saying A, B, and C, but the other person heard A, B and Z.  They might think misunderstand and feel hurt or attacked.  If he feels this way, we need to apologize and let him know that is not what we meant.  Maybe you are joking too much.  What do you think?  Stuart

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