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I am from India. i have completed three years of married life my sex life was fine till i gave birth to a baby after that problem has started he doesn't have sex with me now, he will have only when i seduce him otherwise he doesn't even touch me what to do if i want him to start?my husband is very devotional he will pray to god 5 to 10 times a day.He has interest in going to temple rather coming to dinner with my baby one and half year old please reply

Dear Veena,

Several things. First, make sure that you pay attention to him, spending time alone to him. Listening carefully to what he says and looking at him when he talks to you. Also, when he comes home make sure you look at him and greet him happily.

Sometimes women don't pay enough attention to their husbands after the babies come and they get busy and don't look at their husband when they come home because they are busy cooking or taking care of the baby. Make sure that you pay attention to him.

The next thing is that you must tell him how you feel. Tell him that you feel like he doesn't love you or care about you anymore and ask him why he doesn't like to have sex with you unless you start it. It might be that he thinks you are tired or busy and doesn't want to interfere. You won't know why unless you ask. You must tell him how much it hurts you.  If this goes on a long time then you had better get counseling and you had better check to see if he is being faithful to you.

You also need to tell him that you are a married couple and that marriages can die when they are not fed, just like a person can die if he doesn't eat.  Tell him that you need to have dinner with him and be able to spend time with him and love each other, otherwise, you are slowly dying inside and that means the marriage will die, too.

Let's hope that he will listen to you and care enough to solve this problem. I will be on vacation for a week so after that, if  you need more help let me know.


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