How to Strengthen Your Relationship/How to fix the bond


I want to strengthen the bond my husband and I once had. I feel as though we are drifting apart constantly. We argue most days, sometimes I don't even know why. I want to be able to relate to him like I used to, how can I do that?

Hi Crystal!

Good for you in reaching out and wanting things to be better.  Many times, if we are not addressing the core issues, too many other (even little) things will appear as problems too.  For example, let's say he is having difficulty at work but not sharing this with you or feels overwhelmed with it.  He may become irritable with other things (how you may cook, attempt to talk with him, etc.).  This might happen and, in that moment, you might naturally be upset.  You might think, "here I am helping and he is not even appreciating it."  Meanwhile, he may not even recognize in that moment that is still with that work issue and be struggling.  

This may be the time to reflect on what is happening in his life right now.  Are there issues he is struggling with (or recently had)?  Work, family (even extended), expectations of ourselves and our lives (including what we believe others have of us), past (unresolved and/or painful) issues, as well as the future (are we on target for those expectations of what we want the future to look like) are common struggles.

He has shared anything that may clue you in?  Is there something you have said/done that could be negatively impacting him?  If you have shared with him your concern, I am curious as to what he may have said.  If not, please share your hope and ask for his thoughts.  Good luck!!

How to Strengthen Your Relationship

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