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So my boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years. We started dating my senior year of high school and his junior year. Things have been great, as far as I could tell up until recently. Of course we have had our little arguments here and there but nothing ever too serious. About a week ago we got into a huge argument while at the beach on vacation. He said he was tired of me complaining about silly things and never being on time and spending too much time on the phone while we are together. I got very upset and he just kind of blew it off. I do understand why he was mad. Everything he said was true, but I am not perfect and he isn't either. We sorted things out and the week ended fairly well, at least I felt good about things. Then about 2 days ago another huge argument happened again. Once again he just acted so angry and not like himself. At times he cried with me but then other times he was just angry at me. It almost came to us taking a break for a little while. I begged and pleaded for him to give me one more chance to fix things. He said he didn't want to be hurt again and that I shouldn't have to change and that things should have been fixed before this point. I gather that he feels like he's put more effort in than I have. Finally I convinced him to give me another chance. Things have been going fairly well these past two days. We even kind of talked about it again and he said what needed to be fixed was fixed. I feel better, but I can't get everything that's happened out of my head. Am I just being paranoid? Should I worry? Is there anything I can do to make our relationship better and last? I love him more than anything in this world and even when we were arguing he kept saying that he loved me and wanted to be with me forever. What does all this mean? What should I do? I really just need another point of view.

Hello Hannah,

If you want this relationship to survive the two of you need to be really open and communicate more often and openly. I don't think he's so upset solely because you are late and on the phone. Those things bug him (just as some of his traits bug you), but he's using those as excuses as to what the matter is. The truth is, he may not even realize what it is that's frustrating him in the relationship, so he's pulling this idiosyncrasies out.

If the problem is something else, you showing up on time and using your phone less, doesn't fix the real issue. So, that's why I say you two need to really communicate. It's probably not anything you have done or are doing. relationships go through phases, and when couples are your age, sometimes those changes from one phase to the next feels like there's something wrong. The beginning of relationships are usually filled with excitement and romance and passion. that last 6 to 18 months. The next phase is generally a lot less intense, but there's more comfort, patience, and commitment. But, since things feel different, many people become concerned that things have changed too much, that maybe the love is gone. And, it could be that your boyfriend is reacting to this.

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