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How to Strengthen Your Relationship/How do I get my fiance to put in her two week notice


Basically the reason for this is that she gets treated like crap and I hardly see her. At the beginning of her job when she first started she wasn't doing more than 20 hours a weeks. And now its full time. The bad thing is she works at night so we basically only sleep together. Unless she has her days off and then she goes to see her mom. By the way, this is her first job and I've had several and I try to tell her she needs to move on. She says she wants to find another job in the mean time but this has been going on for atleast a month and a half and she still hasn't looked for a different job. Is there anything I can do or say to her today that will make her realize she needs to move on? I mean, I know I am a man but I miss her and cry all the time. We were planning on getting married on my bday on september 20th. But I don't think this is going to happen. She even wants kids and so do I. I'm the one that came up with it. And with her hours its impossible. I love her so much I don't want to let her go. Also, on my status I am trying to look for a job but very hard because I'm so stressed and depressed from this situation. I've even told her I promise I can get her a job within 2 weeks. I can if she is with me. By the way I'm 23 and she is 21 so I don't know if age matters but maybe it does. If I can get any help I would be so thankful. I really need help here. God bless to all that reply. Thank you so much.

Hello Garret,
Until you get a job she will more than likely not give up her job. Men and women have different needs that are a priority. Women instinctively need to know that her man can take care of her while she is having children. Many women have problems and complications physically when they have children and often cannot work. Also, they may have children with special needs that requires a man to support the family. These needs are on a subconscious level and are very strong.

If you are stressed out and let your emotions stop you from getting a job, she is instinctively going to feel like she cannot trust you to be a good provider. If you want to marry and have children you must get a job and have enough education or training to be able to provide for the whole family, if necessary.  It is time to look at things differently and stop worrying so much about her job and get a good one of your own and also have a good plan as to how you will be able to provide for a family.

Once you get a good job, then she could very easily feel more like taking a chance on changing jobs. Your being so emotional that you can't get a job shows a weakness that would make a woman feel that she cannot rely on you to take the man's role so concentrate on getting a good job and having a plan to be a good provider and then your girlfriend will probably feel more free to change jobs. She will have more confidence in you. If you are too needy it could push her away. A good relationship is where two independent people work together as partners. Hope this helps.


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