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Good day Elizabeth.
I'd like to seek advice on what is the next move that I will do with my ex.
So, it has been 2 weeks since our break-up. And today 01/08/14 is our supposedly 11 monthsary. I provided her space for more than a week by not texting her, avoiding her that made me more depressed each day since I lost her. I had called her just this day to know how was she doing, that this day is still significant for me, we had talked over phone about her life then and how I was sorry to lose her. What will I do to make this friendship blossom once again and turn into a relationship. I love her so bad and I realize all my mistakes given this space that we had. I wanna take it slow but I want to seek for the best advice on what move will I do next? thank you so much.

Dear J,

You may just have to settle for friendship for now.  I don't know what made her want to break up and you say you made many mistakes.  I'd say, rather than push the relationship, just enjoy her company as friends, and see what develops.  If you are making changes in you, she will see that.

I wish you well.

Kind Regards,
KD Liz

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I am able to answer questions regarding dating, courtship, and marriage after divorce. I feel equipped to address questions and comments regarding old baggage and past mistakes. I can also answer questions pertaining to blended families and step-children. I can not answer questions that involve manipulating the partners behavior or outlook.


I am a minister that teaches and counsels G-d's instruction for stable relationships. My husband and I have both been married before. I have worked with battered women and facilitated groups for men with anger issues. As a minister, I have officiated several weddings in the past decade, with only one resulting in divorce.

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