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I'm back to ask a new question. Today my ex just told me upfront that she needs a true break, and that we should date other people. She did say if she misses me, she might come back. I've been in many relationships before, but never in this situtation. I've already accepted reality and I'll respect her boundaries for our break. But I love her so much, more than any other relationship I've ever been in, and its gonna be so hard seeing her with someone else. Is there anyway to cope with this for the future, if she will ever come back to me?

So I am guessing she is experiencing chaos -- she is not sure what to do.  If she were to date immediately, it is clear she would not be ready.  Taking a break to reflect on things, think about my hopes and actions as well, could be most healthy.  What would happen if you too took this opportunity for even better self-care and gave her this space?  Many panic and end up pushing for the relationship to continue.  Try and take a step back and let's see what she does

How to Strengthen Your Relationship

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