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hello  Sharon. Wednesday my girlfriend and I found out we are pregnant! We are super excited and are looking forward. Today she goes into the doctors office to take the "official " pregnancy test. We have used multiple home test kits and each and everyone of them came out positive. I told her I want to be present, in the docs office when the test results come back (we both know she is positively pregnant). She later told me she would rather I stay in the lobby and wait. She wants to address the pregnancy issue alone with her doctor. I am feeling hurt. I want to be there for the official announcement but she doesn't want me to. I will respect her wishes but I also feel I need and want to be there. Am I demanding too much? Should I completely stop pushing the issue?

Thanks, Jared C.

Hello. I am so sorry I am slow in answering. I did not get your question in my email for some reason.

Always respect your sweetheart's wishes and do not take it personally. Perhaps she has some fears she wishes to talk over that would feel awkward in front of you. The first time a woman has a baby, all sorts of private things come up about her body that need to be discussed and you really feel like you want to keep that private. After you have more children then you are used to it and it is not such a big deal.

So, listen with your heart and not your ego.  She will love you and appreciate your respecting her wishes. You already know she is pregnant so just rejoice when she comes out of the office (if this hasn't already taken place) and celebrate with her another way.

Hope this is not too late to help.

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