How to Strengthen Your Relationship/will my relationship work ??


met a guy and we went in relationship. He was deeply mad in love . I was in love too but surely less then him. I doubt him a lot , fight all time and he use to solve all my doubts all time and hear my taunts and wanted to marry me. My doubt increased with my love , doubts , insecurity was on peak ., reached a level when I use to stop talking for days and he use to beg all time. I use to come back cause I was fighting cause I was insecure but in love.

There came a time when I broke up and scolded him so much but this time he said its enough and never came to me. Later I requested and begged him to take me back. After begging he said ok but now seriousness is not like before. Am crazy for him, now am requesting like he use to and he is normal. But when I ask him to try , he gave relationship another chance but no committment for marriage now. I said no problem marriage can wait. But fulfills all my expectations , with a little difference, now he doesnt feel on his own , now I have to verbally tell him.

He does everything I ask him to but not in love like before.
But I believe maybe its momentary reaction cause he was hurt and got frustrated after months of fight. Now am trying to make things normal by keeping him happy.
Do u think if I try maybe i'll get the same love back, after a while

Dear shweta,
We can't make another person change or love us but if you stay loving and kind to him perhaps his love will grow again. Love has to be free. It will take awhile to see if you two really have a solid relationship or not. It takes time to really get to know another person and to see if you are alike enough to have a good relationship. Just keep going the way you are and see if it grows again. If you both are good to each other it may grow again. Maybe something deeper and better than the first kind of love.

I wish you the best.


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