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This is my question. My husband of 3yrs cant give me a straight answer when I ask him why he is with me. He just says because he dose not want to b on his own again. Alls I want to know is what should I do or how should I respond to this. He says he loves me but its hard to belive him.All so it is having a big impact on our sex life. I feel that no matter what I do its never enough for him. Or is it because he really dose not want to b with me. But dose not want to b on own. Plz help so confussed on what to do as he is my whole world and I do love him. I dont want my marriage over but am I doing the right thing x

hello jane
its important that you show him love at this most difficult period. As long as you can confirm that he has no extra marital relationship, it is so vital that you give him that trust and genuine love so that he can come out of his shell and love you back in return. You hold the key to the success of your marriage and any wrong move can become devastating. Find time to tell him how much you love him and share with him those things he loves.
Its also important that you create a very conducive atmosphere for him to feel secured and happy. Find time out to go for lunch or dinner or any outdoor activity you both love. The right thing you got to do right now is to love your man the more and eliminate all forms of doubt form of doubt from your mind.

How to Strengthen Your Relationship

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