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Thank you so much for taking my question(s). 3 months ago, I started dating a pretty great guy. We had fun together, good sex, great conversation...but we also have some differences.

I am older by 7 years (33). We are also somewhat politically and religiously different. This doesn't bother me very much because I've dealt with such differences in the past and found ways to compromise etc. (They never turned out to be as big of a deal as we originally thought they would be).

This guy, though, can't see past them. It's bizarre because he was fine with it until we started talking about exclusivity. I suppose he wanted to date/sleep with me but also date other more compatible women so he wasn't "losing any time". (my words). He recently told me that he was falling for me and that he's had trouble with the break-up but doesn't see any alternative.

I can see lots but that's me. I suppose I am writing to get advice on how to move forward because I do care for him a lot- and, oddly enough, we both suffer from chronic sicknesses (I always thought that would be the biggest likeness). I would like to show him- not forcefully but just show him that there are other options; resources; ways to work together to overcome some of these things. I just don't know where to start. Your input and direction will be greatly valued.

Thank you,

Hi Kathy. There are several issues here that cannot be fully address in my answer, but here are some pointers:

The true value of relationships (apart from being loved :o) is that they can teach us about ourselves - IF we know what to look for and how to interpret the 'clues'. Whatever is missing in your relationship with this man is also missing in you, even if it doesn't look that way.

We all have 'missing pieces', with acceptance being the #1 missing piece for everyone. Trust, respect, validation, intimacy and support would be others, and it's only by making ourselves whole, by filling in these missing pieces in practical ways in our daily lives, that we can attract a partner with those same qualities. So, with acceptance, for example, it's all about saying NO to what doesn't work for us, not making choices or compromises that don't feel right, expressing our feelings/opinions regardless of whether others might not like it, proactively putting ourselves first in healthy ways, not over-extending ourselves or chasing someone in the hope that they will love us back, and generally doing what's best and healthy for us.

Your illness, whatever it is, would be a direct result of your particular subconscious programming, which determines how much love, money, ease, health, success and fulfillment you have. That would require determining the components of your programming, which I cannot do here. But you can read my blogs on my website and you'll get more info about how our subconscious works and what we can do to re-program ourselves. My first book, Fit for Love, is also fabulous for this, as it's all about making ourselves whole and magnetic in relationships.

One key thing to bear in mind: if you chase your man, it won't work because you're coming from a place of needing or wanting him to choose to be with you. Choice doesn't work that way, and neediness always pushes people away because it sends out a strong message of insecurity (= I need you to love me so that I feel okay about me). It's far more powerful and effective to focus on you: figure out what you want and THEN see if he's it; work on your own self-acceptance in the practical ways I've mentioned; fill in any other missing pieces (qualities you see missing in your relationships); and take care of you, without trying to fix or coach him. It's all about healthy self-responsibility, self-worth and self-acceptance - without which you cannot have a healthy, loving, lasting relationship.

Good luck!

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