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Hi, i am a 23 year old girl from india and would like some serious advice on life and love. A few months back i met someone through work and felt an instant attraction. I happen to work closely with the person and had been nursing my crush for a long time. But it was out if question i'd ask him out as there were more chances of this not working out at all.besides he didnt see me that way. Later my parents found a match for me and i got engaged to that guy. As i thought, i did begin to like this guy and my old crush was no longer happening, i accepted the reality. A few days ago, my fiancee broke up with for some personal and family reasons. I am now talking to this old crush and i recently confessed to him that i had liked him in the beginning. We both passed it as a childish issue and would normally talk. I cant stop thinking about him at all. Infact, sometimes i couldn't stop thinking even during my engagement period. Now the saddest part is that he is leaving for an ovwrseas opportunity which will mean i will never meet him ever again. I'm hopelessly confused. All i want is love, why do i feel denied of it from all sides?

Hello Ameera,

While it seems like you are being denied love, you are just experiencing what millions of young people experience all over the world.  Almost everyone goes through liking someone where it doesn't work out. We are very capable of loving more than one person. You can get over this guy by having faith in yourself that you deserve a good and loving man and will be able to find someone like that.  

One of the main things in life is to find good things to do with your own life so that you do not rely on another person to feel good about yourself.  Have confidence in yourself. You will find someone who loves you as you love him, but it might take a few more experiences to find it.  It doesn't mean you are a failure just because the first one or two doesn't work out. It just means that you have learned more about men and about life that can help you in your future.  

Don't live in the past. Focus on who you are and what you want in life and go for it. Have goals by yourself and keep busy working on your own life. Then look around and just know that you can love another man.  Young people all over the world usually go through several of the opposite sex before they find their lifetime partner and you will find that one. The happier you are with yourself and what you are doing with your life, the more you will attract a good loving man in your life.

I do hope this helps and I wish you the best.

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