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I'm in deep love with a girl who is elder than me by a year. We are great friends since two years, I've told my feelings to her. She also respects my feelings but what she replies is 'I don't have feelings for any one'. She is single and doesn't have any crush. M jus so buried in my feelings, I love since almost one and half year. The reason might be that she doesn't like me because I'm not the type of guy she wants. but I'm jus mad for her. I love her a Lot and don't wanna lose her. Is there in way I can make her mine ???

Hell Abhijeet,

First off, you can't lose her, because she was never yours. The only thing you can lose is your friendship with her. And, if that's your fear, it's valid, since you two have forged a friendship for two years. Once you state your romantic intentions, that could very well become an obstacle in your friendship. And, if that is what you are worried about, please clarify and I will advise.

As for making her yours, that's not for you to decide. See, if you had once been a couple, maybe there would be something to build upon, to bring her back to, so she might once again reignite those feelings from the coals. But, she's never been there. The best you can do is to continue being a great friend. I know that's not what you want, but I will be perfectly honest with you and let you know that the best romantic relationships are founded on terrific friendships.

Does that mean that if you are great friends that one day she will fall in love with you? Of course not. But, what it does mean is that if you are great friends, you will stay connected for many years to come. Since she already knows that you have romantic feelings for her, you have planted the seed already. Maybe, after time she will want to take the friendship to the next level. But, as for now, it's a game of patience, because the ball is in her court.

Worse case scenario: you create a lifelong friendship and stay close for many years to come.  

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