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How to Strengthen Your Relationship/I still need you to resolve my confusion


My friend Maria told me about your answer. Thank you so much. I've started valuing myself now. I'm ignoring her. She's continuosly trying to contact me. Sometimes her texts really seem to be childish. Sometimes her texts contain Ridiculous questions such as asking about how to get rid of a boy following you on facebook. She's sending me follow requests on instagram. I'm not giving her any responce. Sometimes her text shows she's missing me like hell but she's still talking rudely.She's even sending me her pics. I don't know what she really wants. I'm not going to respond her untill or unless she does not apologize for the last time when she insulted me. Now tell me what I should do from now onwards?


You might try one message to her and tell her that you are not going to be friends with someone who is rude and disrespectful. Tell her that if she wants to respect you and treat you kindly then you can be friends. Tell her that she insults you and that there is no reason to be friends with someone who does that but if she will treat you nicely you will try once again just to be friends for awhile, and then if you want to you can tell her that if she is apologize and then be nice to you over a period of time you might consider more than friends but you are not sure that you can trust her. Only do that if you want. Then just sign it Fim and that is all.

Then respond if she is nice to you as a friend. Do not get close to her more than being a casual friend. At least for a long time after she is consistently nice to you.

Hope this helps.

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