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Chris wrote at 2008-08-30 14:36:22
Clearly, the answer is yes. The curious thing is why the previous answerer refused to give a response and instead asked if you were molested... honestly!

A general rule of thumb is this: if you believe that it's true, then it is true.

Swatting At Flies wrote at 2010-08-12 00:27:37
Sucking dick as a form of relaxation makes sense in that sexual activity and physical exertion, even minor, releases pleasure chemicals in the body.  The fact that you enjoy swallowing semen is not as much it I don't think, but it does have beneficial nutrients.

smarter2x wrote at 2012-01-13 10:50:06
maybe you dont know as much as you think, and she just likes sucking dick.  this country is so literally retarded when it comes to sex.

Organically Submissive wrote at 2016-07-22 07:14:30
Hi Fatima, I too enjoy the stree relief I get from "Pacifying" on my Husbands penis, I believe it is related to being given a soother as a child, when I cried, I was given a soother, when I was mad, I was given a soother, when I was overwhelmed I was given a soother...See the connection, I think you are completely normal as am I, I think we are the ones that have it figured out. I love the stress relief I get from suckling on my husbands soft penis, it's like having a soother in my mouth, we have a routine of ending each night this way and starting each day this way as well. so Kudos to you for finding a stress relief that works for you and your boyfriend, I wish more people could be more true to themselves!

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