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I am so stressed out over everything in life. I am tired I am on bursar 15 mg. I panic I also have post trauma sydrome.I am in college. I am failing realer I am tired and sad. I am giving up on life. I am in mid life crises. I also have anthems awareness. On 3 surgeries. A big black hole and I can't get up also my husband is a truck- driver for over 10 years. I used to go with him until i got sick. we have no kids. I live with my parents. we have been married for 29 years.

It is very difficult to be able to advise you as you have not indicated other than the medication you are taking about what else you do to try and help yourself.

As you probably know stress is a reaction to things and this stress in turn can cause other illnesses. It can end up with a spiral of illness that you feel that you can't get out of. However you need to tackle the stress first and this means how you react to it.

there are ways to help both your mind and body become stronger so that when stressful situations occur they are better able to cope with them. However what works for one person may not work for another so it is up to you to explore all the various stress relieving techniques to find the ones that work best for you. relying on tablets is not really a long term answer, there are much better ways.

I used to suffer from stress and panic attacks and ill health for many years and because i know how terrible it was I decided to try and help others by training as a stress advisor and by writing a website designed to provide as much help and advice as possible. My advice would be to read through my site and try and find the techniques that will help you.

the more you read and understand about stress the easier it is to beat, believe me.

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I can answer most stress related questions, including Anxiety and Panic attacks, PTSD and general stress related issues. My main aim is to provide you with techniques and information regarding how best you can manage your stress levels on a day to day basis and so reduce effects such as Physical or emotional illness which can arise when stress is not managed. I am not able to give advice about medical conditions which need treatment from a doctor, such as heart conditions etc.


I am a qualified Stress Advisor (RCN accredited and CPD certificated). I have had many years in the public sector and am very client focused. My main aim is to provide concise, clear help and information to those seeking help managing their stress levels and any other related concerns. I also run my own stress relief web site

I am a platinum member of Ezinearticles

RCN accredited (stress Advisor) CPD certificated Educated to High School level and have since worked for many years in a customer support based environment, gaining vocational qualifications.

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Currently work as a freelance stress advisor for my local area, many of my client are referred to me via the local health service.

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