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I have a night supervisor who has a history of harassing people.  He has no people skills and runs people down often. I heard him talking to another coworker and he said negative words to him and I felt he was talking about me.  My mom said unless he comes to my face and says it or I hear my name in conversation, just to ignore him and move on.  If his namecalling knows this will upset or make me angry, he will continue to do so, if he sees I am not upset or stressed out from his negative remarks, he will know he is not getting under my skin and will eventually stop.  My dad says to pretend to like him but I am not sure this is good advice.  A woman told me to spend as little time with him as possible.
What survival tips can you give me so I can survive 8 or 9 hours with this guy?  And if he does start to get under my skin and make me angry or upset, what are some ways I can cool down and go back to work in a more relaxed manner?  He has had an issue with everyone on the night shift and from a trusted source I was told no one likes him as a person.
My last question is are there any books you highly recommend on getting along with people.
Thank you.


Well if this person is actively nasty to you or near you so you can hear and what he says upsets you, you only have two options. One to ignore him and forget about it or to confront the issue direct on and speak to him. Sometimes letting someone now how you feel in a calm and controlled manner can solve these issues. He may be unaware that his behavior affects you like this.

If he really is a nasty piece of work and gets nasty with you then if I were you I would speak to someone higher up the chain.

No one should be allowed to get away with this sort of behavior no matter what position they have in the company. You never know someone else may be being affected by him even worse and this can make them sick and no one should have the power to cause illness like this.

I have worked in several places when similar things have happened and I have found that it is almost impossible to ignore the situation for long and that the only way to solve the issue is to do what I have said above. yes it may be scary to talk to him but sometimes in life you have to put yourself first and not let others get away with bad behavior. As I say he may be unaware on how his behavior is affecting you. Talk to him in a calm way. think about what you want to say before hand. Try and let him know what he is doing and how it makes you feel.

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