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I am about to start my senior year. I find that each year I get more and more stressed but I don't know how to deal with that. Can you work with me to create a personal stress management program?

Sarah, Thank you for your question.


The program I offer you is nothing less than a new state of consciousness, something our body was designed for but never had a chance to experience. This is a deep state of rest, and is called transcending. It dramatically eliminates stored stresses, allowing us to function with great energy, intelligence, imagination, and comfort.

Transcending is taught by a number of organizations. The best-known is Transcendental Meditation (see For $1500 (less for students) you get skilled instruction over four days from a certified instructor.

Another way to learn is from the best-known alternative to TM: Natural Stress Relief, or NSR (see This is a do-it-yourself program, where you teach yourself in just three days using a 50-page, six lesson manual. It's easy, fun, and really works. There's even published scientific research showing that NSR works.

However you learn, the regular practice of transcending will eliminate the distractions that make studying inefficient and life a drag.

I hope this brief answer has helped. Please feel free to submit follow up questions, if needed.

David Spector

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I can help people who are living with stress and stress-caused illnesses find a natural, easy mental technique called Natural Stress Reliefİ that takes only a few minutes twice a day to dissolve the stress, leaving the mind flexible, relaxed, and joyful.


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