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i am in a lot odf stress due to this . i am unempployed and not settled in life. with all my efforts i have been unable to get things going. i have no real support from people around me. what can i do best to change and improve my life, thanks

Dear Kelly,

Assuming you are being completely honest with me, my advice would be to eliminate the internal stresses that are actually causing your problems. I know you blame your situation, but that is not the source of your problems. The proof is simple: we all know people with worse situations than ours who are peaceful and happy.

Eliminating the stresses that cause psychological problems is very easy. In fact, it requires no effort at all. But it does require learning something about how the nervous system works. Please read more about stress and stress release at and then let me know and ask any questions you might have. Then I will give you further advice.

David Spector
Natural Stress Relief/USA

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I can help people who are living with stress and stress-caused illnesses find a natural, easy mental technique called Natural Stress Reliefİ that takes only a few minutes twice a day to dissolve the stress, leaving the mind flexible, relaxed, and joyful.


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