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Today I had a massive worrying episode over school work and excessively high anxiety. I usually don't have anxiety attacks, but I was worried to death today.
After a few hours, I suddenly felt like I was sick. I had a headache and all around my muscles ached. I felt like I wanted to vomit and I got a mild fever.

Did the worrying make me sick? Should I see a doctor? This has never happened to me before.

Philip, Thank you for your question.

We all accumulate stresses caused by our external challenges. Eventually these accumulated stresses interfere with our normal ability to handle any aspects of our life, and sickness can happen, just as you experienced it that one time.

Yes, you can see a psychiatrist and get psychotherapy and medicines. The track record for this sort of treatment is actually not very good; research doesn't prove that this kind of therapy actually works for very many patients.

Instead of taking the "I'm sick" route, which frequently leads to a lifetime of being sick, you can take a route for normal people, and gradually eliminate your stored stresses.

I recommend Transcendental Meditation (TM),, and Natural Stress Relief (NSR), .

These are easy courses of instruction in transcending, a fourth state of consciousness that provides a deep form of rest that can dissolve stresses in the nervous system.

TM costs about $960, and offers personal instruction with a trained and certified teacher. NSR costs about $47, and offers self-instruction from a manual and CD. Both teach a simple, natural mental procedure that is practiced for a few minutes twice a day while sitting in a comfortable chair. Both eliminate stress, making life increasingly peaceful, energetic, and happy. Students find that their grades improve, and that they get along better with family, teachers, and other students due to increased harmony.

Let me know if you have any questions about this suggestion.

David Spector
President (unpaid volunteer)
Natural Stress Relief/USA

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I can help people who are living with stress and stress-caused illnesses find a natural, easy mental technique called Natural Stress Reliefİ that takes only a few minutes twice a day to dissolve the stress, leaving the mind flexible, relaxed, and joyful.


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