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QUESTION: Whenever I hear a shocking news like "result is out", a kind of shock wave runs through my body and i leak small amount of precum also. Please tell me reason for that. How do i control precum leak? I am really worried about it.

ANSWER: I don't understand your question. Please define "result is out" and "precum leak". I am not familiar with these terms.

Note that I can only give advice about meditation, as that is the only way to eliminate stress stored in the nervous system.

As soon as you reply, I'll give you my advice.

David Spector
Natural Stress Relief/USA

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: 'Precum leak" means "pre-ejaculate leaking out of my penis"... the other sentence "result is out" is used as an example. let me give u another example, a few days ago a person came to my house and told me that your brother is hit by a car and he is in hospital, after hearing this news, i shuddered and a few drops of pre-ejaculate leaked out of penis...why is it so?

Many physiological reactions are possible as a result of acute stress. There is no particular importance to such reactions. The important thing is to learn meditation so that you can eliminate internal stresses and strengthen the nervous system so future external stressors do not cause stresses in the body or mind.

David Spector
Natural Stress Relief/USA

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