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QUESTION: Dear Mr.David Spector. ,

         This is different question. cancer is abnormal cell dividing,attacking body own cells,some damage to DNA,I heard. Lot of people told due to stress estrogen increased and also cancer cells born. meditation controls stress. now seen website about  mindfulness meditation.It  itself giving lot of problem such as depression. If one practices meditation, they get cancer or it protect the body against cancer?


ANSWER: varun, Thank you for your question.

Questions about cancer should be asked of medical experts (doctors). There are several doctors here at AllExperts.

Questions about mindfulness should be asked of mindfulness experts. There may be some here at AllExperts.

I can only answer questions about transcending, which is a technique sometimes called samadhi which brings a unique state of restful alertness that can gradually eliminate all our stored (accumulated) internal stresses.

Transcending is not distributed as a method for curing or avoiding any disease.

David Spector
President and volunteer
Natural Stress Relief/USA

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QUESTION: Dear Dr.David Spector,

First I want to express my thankfulness for quick answer you hsve provided.

   Reports are coming contradictory. coffee good for heart ,it appearing in newspaper.After 6 month, Seen it creates lot of issues. I heard TM is good and relieve stress. but now seen meditation is not good. so I asked. pl let me know the truth.I want to practice.



If you continue to think in black/white terms, you will never fit in with life. You will find yourself constantly frustrated and unhappy. Why live this way?

There are no absolute answers. Coffee is both good and bad, depending on many factors. Same for various kinds of meditation.

You want to know "the truth"? There is not one truth. Every person has their own truths that fit various states and situations in their life.

If you want to practice something, don't waste your time wondering things that cannot be answered. No one knows how meditation affects cancer, if at all.

Hope this helps. You seem very confused.

David Spector
Natural Stress Relief/USA

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