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Stress Management/Meditation good or not


Dear Mr.Shashank Shekhar Pandey . ,

         This is different question. cancer is abnormal cell dividing,attacking body own cells,some damage to DNA,I heard. Lot of people told due to stress estrogen increased and also cancer cells born. meditation controls stress. now seen website about  mindfulness meditation.It  itself giving lot of problem such as depression. If one practices meditation, they get cancer or it protect the body against cancer?


Hello Varun,
Only who are already in the grip of depression are told not to do meditation. Meditation is a great remedy for stress. However, it does not protect from depression. Therefore, one should do meditation after practicing some ASANAS/ YOGA POSTURES and Pranayama. First do Yoga Asanas followed by Pranayama and then meditation. By all means, combination of the three give protection not only against cancer but all diseases as they enhance the immunity. Also, this way one gets protection against depression.

Nowadays, however, many choose to do meditation only. Time is certainly a factor as people do not find enough time to do all the three components of yoga. If one does not find enough time to do all the three then he/she should do Pranayams like Bhastrika, Anulome-Vilome or Bhramari Pranayama. Nevertheless, doing all the three in combination is ideal and prescribed by all the traditional schools of Yoga.

I think you must have got the answer. If any doubt, feel free to ask.
Take care.

Shashank Shekhar  

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