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Coolbree wrote at 2014-06-10 17:00:40
I don't know how much I'm adding to this answer, but I wanted to share my experience with sartorious cramping. Firstly, it took me months to figure out what muscle it was. Asking around, nobody seemed to know. All I know is when I started getting them it made me want to cry it hurt so bad. Its unlike any other muscle cramp I've had. And dude is right. its tough to figure out a posture that "opens" it. Any other muscle cramp I'd be cool with, but this one is a bear. I get them at night when I'm sleeping and I jump out of bed trying to loosen it before it becomes to severe. I'm always begging and pleading for it to go away as I try and stretch it. Usually if I straighten up from the waist it helps, but its not foolproof and I have yet to figure out the magic position. I mean foot cramp, calf, hamstring, are all easy to stretch out, but this thing ain't that simple. sometimes it will be sore for two or three days afterwards because it stayed cramped for so long. I have found if I drink a lot of water during the cramp, or immediately after, it will end the cramp or prevent it from coming back for the rest of the night.  

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