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While standing, with right leg lifted on bench to stretch over it, my right bone popped right under my butt cheek twice literally lowering my body two inches.  Experienced no pain in bone socket yet my inner back hamstring muscle and clear to my toes felt immediately weak.  Went to Chiropractor right away, he said my back was ˝” off, did an adjustment on back., but I never felt that bone in lower hip socket pop again.  Do I need to go get X-rayed, or should I not worry about the bone since the chiropractor didn’t recommend to do so.  My muscle directly under my right butt cheek and inner hamstring muscle down to my knee feels like it is constantly cramping, has aching sensation.  I have no diseases.  Exercise on regular basis.  Am 5’1” 130lbs.  Have never had this bone pop before, it was like my right hip bone popped out by lower pubis bone.

Hi CariSue,

Thanks for your inquiry. It's a pleasure to help and I hope the following is beneficial.

If you aren't experiencing any continuing pain (other than the cramping), then it's safe to say that you should be fine. Take a look at the article at the link below on muscle cramp and spasms; there's a few tips for treating and preventing cramps...

I hope the above has been helpful. For more information on how to stretch properly and the best stretching exercises for you, visit

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