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I am 53. I was always pretty flexible until a couple years ago. I am a weekend athelete, and have been getting a lot more pulled muscles lately. My legs especially, and I am still recovering from strained knee ligaments.
I am wondering if I should focus my exercise routine, other than cardio, on stretching.
At 53, I dont really need to build any more muscle. Some experts say  you have to lift weights to maintain muscle mass and keep your metabolism up, I am not sure I agree with that-I seem to lose weight when I focus on diet and dont even work out.
I have some time set aside each day for a low impact cardio workout, and have been thinking about skipping the weights and doing a comprhensive stretching routine.
I recently saw a physiotherapist about my knees, and she said my muscles were very tight-especially my legs.I wonder if the focus on weights caused this?
Thanks for your thoughts!

Hi Bud,

Thanks for your inquiry. It's a pleasure to help and I hope the following is beneficial.

I would definitely recommend that you incorporate stretching into your workouts. I don't think you need to give up on the weights all together, but maybe just cut back a little and add some stretching to your cool down at the end of your workouts.

Here's a few suggestions for incorporating stretching into your workouts....

I hope the above has been helpful. For more information on stretching, flexibility and sports injury management, visit Injury Fix.

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