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quickly: i am 56. 5 yeras of ankle pain. 12 mths ago had ankle fused. main reason- bone-on bone. Today am worse then ever before and the initial problem remains. Severe pain in side ankle below ankle bone. Cannot walk after sitting down, cant step off foot, can't take weight. Seeing a physiotherapy. Now diagnosed as "Complex Regional Pain Syndrome" No one knows. Tried chiropractor, physiotherapy, acupuncture, special shoes. Doing stretching exercise. Had blood clot in calf........just goes on and on. Currently pelvis 1-2cm out of alignment, leg cramps from walking, hip pain lower back pain, sciatica....I need HELP I feel as though I have exhausted every avenue open to me. Just finished reading article on ProStretch.. Will it work if the ankle is fixed in one position? Is there anything else I can try? Would love to hear back with some good news. Can't keep going like this. I have basically lost all hope.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your inquiry. It's a pleasure to help and I hope the following is beneficial. However, without being able to consult with you personally I can only offer you limited advice.

It sounds like your ankle problem (and probably your pelvis alignment too) has triggered a whole range of other issues.

Heat and massage would be my first recommendation. These are very good at improving blood flow and helping to reduce muscle pain. If you can afford it I would recommend that you see a qualified massage therapist, and specifically a therapist who regularly deals with athletes and sports related injuries.

Gentle stretching exercises are also very helpful, but I wouldn't recommend the ProStretch at this point in time, as it might be a bit too intense for your condition. You can watch some of our stretching videos here...

I hope the above has been helpful. For more information on stretching, flexibility and sports injury management, visit Injury Fix.

Brad Walker
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