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      I was wondering what it means when one flexes a  muscle and they feel the antagonist more than the muscle they are actually using. For example, if I dorsiflex my foot while standing i feel it in my gastro and soleus. I decided to a simple passive calve stretch by standing on one foot and allowing the heel to drop. this produces discomfort in the glute.  
I know that the sciatic nerve bifurcates into the tibial nerve i actually be feeling tension from the sciatic nerve? Thanks!fy

Hi Rick,

This is quite normal (if I dorsiflex my foot while standing i feel it in my gastro and soleus); it's a form of stretching called active stretching, which you can read about here...

The muscles that run from your lower back, down your backside, hamstrings and into your calves are all interconnected, so it's quite normal to feel a stretch in any of these areas when doing a calf stretch.

And it's unlikely that you are feeling tension from the sciatic nerve. More likely tight muscles around that area like the glutes and maybe the piriformis.

I hope the above has been helpful. For more information on stretching, flexibility and sports injury management, visit Injury Fix.

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