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I am 55. I sit for long periods tensed up as a city bus driver. I do my best to work out and stretch and so far have avoided back injuries which are common in my trade.
However, in the last few months, I have noticed that after doing 'number two', when I go to 'clean up behind' I am very stiff, and its hard to do the job. I have tried mimicking this movement in stretches, and its easy, but still I cant do the real thing well.
Sorry for being so delicate, but can you recommend anything that will improve my ability?

Hey Bud.

I can give you some guidelines. Usually I do a fitness assessment to see where other areas of tightness in the body are that can contribute to the back. Everything is connected like a system.

I`d like to bring to your attention that yes it is important to stretch the back but your back is not the only area you should stretch. When you are sitting for extended periods, the hip flexors can get stiff, you would also need to work on those. Here are several stretches you might want to use, during these stretches see which ones are tight (difficult) and ones that aren`t so tight

1) Hip flexor stretch- have your hands at your hips and bring one leg forward into a lunge position. Slowly lean in while keeping your posture straight and you should feel a stretch in the rear leg. Do this for both sides, hold for 30 seconds if you feel extreme tension, and if it is moderate tension hold for 60 seconds (do this twice for each leg)

Photo link below

2) Pec stretch- when you are standing place your arm to the side of the wall. extend your arm as you turn away (keep your arm extended and to the wall). Do this for each side twice 30 seconds each

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3) Spinal twist. Sit down on the ground and cross one leg over the other. Keep the cross leg bent and turn rotating towards the crossed knee. Do this again like the other two for 30seconds twice and each

4) Seated hurdler stretch- sit down and keep one leg bent to the side and the other extended out, lean your hands toward the extended foot. Do this for the same duration and sets above.

Hope this helps bud. Most Overactive muscles for extended sitting are usually caused by tightness of the Pec muscles, Lats, hip Flexors and possibly the hamstrings but without me doing a assessment you have to try out and during these stretches u`ll quickly know which ones are causing you trouble.

Stay well!  

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