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I sit, very tensed up, as a bus driver 8 hours or more a day. I stretch, do back exercises, etc, and have an elliptical, but my back gets stiffer the older I get. Is there a machine or some type of equipment that would get my lower back more flexabale?What about a rower? What other exercises other than situps, planks, etc-which aren't helping, can I try?  Thanks!

Hey bud. I would incorporate stretching exercises in your routine and strengthen your core. For most cases this seems to be the problem in most people is a tight back an a weak core.

Do these several stretches and hold them between 30-60 seconds between 1-2 sets per side.

-Sitting erector spinae stretch. Sit down with your legs out and put one leg over the other bent and then turn towards the direction of the bent leg. You will feel a stretch in your back. Hold until you feel it relax and do the other side

- Hip flexor stretch. Lay on your back, tuck your knee to your chest, hold until you feel the hip relax and then do the other side

-Back stretch. Do a semi squat (quarter squat) and hold onto a pole,wall etc.. and stretch your arm out as you pull towards the area your hanging on. Do not bend your arms and stay in the same position as you feel a stretch in your back. do the other side.

Core: Do wood chopper abs, lunge squat and rotate your body. Do 15 reps 1 set. Make sure you did both sides as well.

I hope this helps

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