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I am 55. No major health issues except for a beer belly. In the last couple years I have gotten away from heavy workouts to mostly stretching and low impact cardio on my elliptical. I was finding it harder to recover. Now I am in a bit of a conundrum. If I don't exercise daily, my body stiffens up. This is probably because of my job as a bus driver, sitting for long periods, but being stressed not relaxed. However, even after a light workout, the next day I am stiff. Its kind of a catch 22.
Here is my workout: basic bodyweight pushups, situps, squats, and 20 minutes of elliptical.
I have always been this way, worse now with age. Is it too much lactic acid, or genetics maybe? Any suggestions appreciated!

Hey Bud, thanks for your question.

I think this is more of a stretching issue. You might need to include a proper stretching program. When you have a job where you are constantly sitting several muscle groups usually tighten up and need to be stretched out. Look at stretching the back, the erector spinae, the shoulders, the chest, the hips and quadriceps (front of the leg).

One thing I believe in personally is using both static stretches of 30-60 seconds of each muscle that is tight with 2 sets. I would then follow that up with foam rolling or the Theracane. Personally these tools have been a life saver for myself and also with my clients. They're not expensive you can find some on amazon.

For foam rolling or theracane (bodybackbuddy is another term) you would work on the area for 30 seconds and hold it until the muscle relaxes. Only apply as much tension as needed, don't hurt yourself when using too too much pressure.

This will make the muscles more flexible and exercises should start to become easier for you. It takes several times but you will see a major difference. You should also do more on a weekly basis if you feel you are improving with your resistance training program. Include this either before or after your work outs or on separate sessions.

Remember, stretching is important. If you know how to use it right it will help you a lot! Hope this helps


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